Monday, July 17, 2017

Natural Stone and 2017 Color Trends

Incorporate 2017 Color Trends Into Your Home Design

If color forecasters are to be believed, 2017 will be the year of greenery, deep purple (called Shadow), and taupe (Poised Taupe, to be exact), according to Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams, respectively. Considering each of these hues are nowhere near one another on the color wheel, is it any surprise homeowners are wondering how to incorporate them into their designs? Might this year’s colors impact how homeowners and businesses choose natural stone designs?

“Color trends impact the world of natural stone less than other design elements such as paint and fabric,” says Brock Mettz, owner and lead designer at Brock Lane Mettz Design. “With the exception of trending neutrals, such as white, grey, black, and beige tones, natural stone will be less impacted by the ‘colors of the year.’ Natural stone most often acts as the backdrop for other, more temporary, elements.”

There is no denying that color can energize or soothe, creating a feeling of warmth or coolness in a room. But color is more than just paint on the wall. Natural stone colors can complement metals in a kitchen design and make it feel less industrial, while all-white kitchen cabinets might pair well with white marble to create a contemporary kitchen landscape.

Color trends are influenced by a number of factors – from nature and the arts to the political climate and economic environment. How does this translate into home design? Homeowners are seeking to create an ambiance in their spaces using color and light.

Alyssa Bockman, design consultant with Stoneshop, realizes homeowners scour websites and home décor magazines for ideas because they want their home to be on trend or in style. When it comes to color, most homeowners near their Philadelphia metro area headquarters opt for keeping their major fixed surfaces in neutral tones and then accent with fun pops of color, such as greens or jewel tones.


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