Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fire Up a Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces are an excellent addition to any home, inside or outside. Add to that the wide range of possible styles, installation methods, and builders out there to choose from, and it's hard to beat one of these fireplaces for any home.

Indoor Stone Fireplaces
You really can't improve on a good indoor fireplace. They provide warmth, light, and maybe more importantly, create a homey, comfortable ambience to any living area. Whether you prefer the rugged natural look of uncut stone masonry or the refined, elegant air of carved stone, there's a stone fireplace out there to meet your needs. For those who want a more contemporary and refined look, carved stone fireplaces and mantels made of everything from sandstone to limestone to marble, can turn an average living space into a graceful and impressive place to entertain guests or just read a good book.
If you like something more natural, there are fireplace builders who specialize in more rustic constructions, many of whom prefer to use natural stone gathered from the surrounding area in order to create a harmony between your new stone fireplace and the natural world your fireplace protects you from. When it comes right down to it, however, why keep a stone fireplace indoors in the first place, when stone construction is the perfect material for conducting a great outdoor fireplace as well?

The Great Outdoors
When you really sit down and think about it, there aren't many better places to enjoy a good fire than in your own backyard. Again, your personal preference will determine what type of outdoor stone fireplace will best suit your landscape and match your house and your personality. As with indoor models, refined and carved stone is an option as are more rustic and primitive constructions. Regardless of which direction you choose, a stone fireplace is the perfect answer for outdoor fireplaces. Stone is fire and weather resistant, making it an investment that will last a lifetime and give you countless hours of quiet, contemplative evenings or rowdy nighttime reveling.

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