Friday, October 28, 2016

Stone Fireplace Ideas

Fires flickering in natural-stone fireplaces create a place to kick back and enjoy the warmth. Browse these stone fireplace design ideas and photos for inspiration.

Organic elements always seem to complement each other. So, it's not surprising that natural stones construct an array of fireplace designs that suit a wide range of decorating and architectural styles. Whether granite, limestone, slate, travertine, marble, or fieldstone, natural stone is a versatile material that shifts in appearance depending on a number of factors, including cutting method, stone thickness, and how the stone is installed. Here's a look at how natural stones can be adapted and accented to fashion fireplaces that complement casual, classic, and continental interiors.

Country Character

Rough-hewn aptly describes the natural-stone fireplaces that rise on the walls of Adirondack lodges and primitive farmhouses. Flagstones, whether dry-stacked or laid flat within a sea of white mortar, fashion warm-shaded fireplaces rendered in earthen hues with irregular outlines. These fireplaces' unrefined qualities are best enhanced by unpretentious additions, such as bluestone-slab or craggy timber mantel shelves, bluestone-slab hearths, and painted or stained wood mantels with simple silhouettes.

Transitional Tastes

Ideally suited to transitional-style family and great rooms, these ceiling-to-floor structures straddle the boundary between formal and informal. Randomly placed natural stones sporting hand-chopped and sawn edges might be connected via mortar or appear to be dry-stacked. Vast facades, oftentimes uninterrupted by mantel shelf or mantel, easily accommodate flat-screen television sets, which solves homeowners' fireplace-versus-TV focal-point conundrums.

Traditional Preferences

Weighty white-painted woodwork shaped into statuesque mantels between built-in cabinets turn rustic stone fireplaces into sophisticated structures that feel perfectly at home in historic residences, formal living rooms, and elegantly appointed master bedrooms. Deep crown-molding caps, wainscot-panel details, and raised flagstone hearths combine for classically gracious configurations that boast plenty of period charm and age-old appeal.

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