Monday, February 1, 2016

Natural Stone Enhances Any Home

When it comes to projects of remodeling homes, nothing can beat the unique beauty of natural stone. Although there have been advancements in the  competing materials like concrete, stone still remains one of most popular and versatile building materials for improvement of homes. 

Applications of Natural Stone:

Following are some of the applications of natural stone.

·         Stone Countertops:
Do you know that one of the easiest ways of increasing the value of a home is to install stone countertops? The reason for this is that stone countertops are more beautiful and more durable than alternatives like plastic laminate. Many natural stones are used as the countertop surfaces. Granite is the most popular choice because of its hardness. Slate, marble, soapstone and Jerusalem stone are also good options to consider.

Natural stones come in different grains and colors. It allows the homeowners to customize the appearance of the countertops in order to match their preferences and tastes. For added versatility, the texture, thickness and finish of stone countertops can be varied.

·         Stone Tile:
When it comes to flooring, bathroom walls and backsplashes, the natural stone tiles are a great product. Thin stone sheets can be cut in to simple and uniform shapes like rectangles and squares. Freeform geometric shapes are also available and they give a more rustic look. Regardless of the shape, different options in the stone tiles allow you to create a look according to your imagination—from subtle elegance of single shade to bright pastiche of different colors. The popular choices in stone tiles include marble, slate, travertine, quartzite, limestone, flagstone and terrazzo.

·         Stone Pavers:
The stone pavers are essentially breaks of stone. They are great for the exterior applications like driveways, walkways and patios. Because of the exceptional durability and strength provided by the material, they are a really good alternative to concrete. You can dramatically enhance the beauty of your home by installing a travertine driveway or a limestone patio. Stone pavers might also be used in place of clay brick for building chimneys or home walls. 

Benefits of Natural Stone:

Natural Stone is a preferred home improvement material because of its many benefits. Firstly Natural Stone provides exceptional beauty and versatility without compromising on functionality and long term durability. Also natural stone can be maintained easily and it requires very little effort to clean. All one has to do to clean natural stone is to wash it with warm water and soap. Stone is also all-natural which makes it an environmentally friendly material. Because of having low porosity of many stones, it’s also very hygienic for bathroom and kitchen applications.

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